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Need to Get Fingerprinted but Having A Hard Time Finding A Location?

Before Covid-19 this was probably an easy task. However, after Covid-19 individuals are finding if extremely difficult to get fingerprinted. Before heading out it is important to know and understand the two choices which are available to you. Without this information you may just find yourself on what will feel like a scavenger hunt. There is Live Scan and Ink Fingerprinting options.

If you or the agency has chosen Live Scan by registering online through Gemalto or Identogo then it will be necessary to find a location which offer Electronic Submission. Live Scan is inkless electronic fingerprinting. The fingerprints are electronically transmitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI for completion of a criminal record check. A rolling and government fee will be charged, and some locations require you make an appointment before coming in to be printed. Many locations are not open or doing electronic printing due to the Coronavirus.

If you prefer to obtain an Inked Fingerprint Card, then you will need to find a location which can provide you with inked fingerprints. Generally, Police Departments, Sheriff’s Offices and State Agencies can provide this service. However, due to Covid-19 many of those agencies has suspended that service or are no longer taking individuals on a walk-in basis. People do not realize it, but inked cards can be submitted just as easily as electronic submission without engaging in a scavenger hunt for a location. While law enforcement agencies are not readily available to provide inked fingerprints there are a lot of companies and businesses in the Georgia area that provide mobile and walk-in services. If you have already been registered for electronic submission it may be better to find a location that can print you electronically. If you are registering yourself, simply select “Hard Copy Submission” and find a location which can provide you with inked prints.

Pretty much this article is written to make individuals aware they have choices when submitting fingerprints. While electronically may seem easier and quicker, there are drawbacks. Inked prints may take a few days longer to process but they are more precise and has proven to become a simpler process thanks to the Coronavirus.

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